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Thread: Spec 10.5 - Hobbywing V10 Xerun Stock - 30401020046

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    Spec 10.5 - Hobbywing V10 Xerun Stock - 30401020046

    Spec 10.5 - Hobbywing V10 Xerun Stock - 30401020046

    Arrival/Approval Date: 04/18/13
    Tracking: 1Z4R43350455985057 (UPS)
    Inspection: 05/07/13
    Availability check:,,
    ExCom Final Approval: 01/03/14

    Motor originally rejected due to insufficient length of the rotor shaft to facilitate measurement during technical inspection. Resubmitted with correct rotor shaft length. New version of the motor now includes a window through which the stator, engraved with the winding configuration, is visible (see photos). The new version of the motor also has a printed logo on the timing cover, replacing the original that featured an embossed, molded logo.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails HWZRV10_105_2.jpg   HWZRV10_105_1.jpg   HWZRV10_105_4.jpg   HWZRV10_105_3.jpg   HWZRV10_105_6.jpg  

    HWZRV10_105_5.jpg   HWZRV10_175_7v2.jpg   HWZRV10_175_8v2.jpg   HWZRV10_55_9.jpg   HWZRV10_55_10.jpg  

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