About ROAR

ROAR (Remotely Operated Auto Racers) is the National non-profit corporation organized to promote the sport of radio controlled model car racing. ROAR was originally organized in 1967, and has steadily grown and evolved as the sport has grown.

ROAR is made up of 12 Regions in the United States plus Canada. Each Region has a Director nominated and elected by the members in the Region. This gives the members someone they can communicate with directly regarding issues in the Region, and within ROAR. Each Region Director has a column on this website, in which he is able to communicate with the members in the Region, and provide information on Region activities to all the members of ROAR. Specific pages on our website www.roarracing.com are dedicated to Regional news and scheduled races.

The governing body of ROAR is the Executive Committee. This Committee consists of an elected President and Vice President, and five appointed members. Additionally, two Section Chairpersons have joined the Executive Committee as non voting members and organize their advisory groups of racers for recommendations and communication with the other members of the team. The Executive Committee controls and manages the business affairs of ROAR, and ensures that the rules are up to date. The day to day business of the corporation is handled by the ROAR Administrator, a non-voting member of the Executive Committee.

ROAR rules have been the guidelines for R/C car racing for over 39 years. They are designed to promote fair competition, safety, and define what equipment can be used in ROAR competition. ROAR does not manage races below the National level (Level 5), but it does sanction races from the club level to Multi-Regional Championships. All ROAR members in current and good standing are eligible to enter these races.

ROAR is the North American representative to the International Federation of Model Car Racing (IFMAR). As such, ROAR is the only organization that is authorized to qualify and send drivers to the IFMAR World Championships. More ROAR members have been crowned World Champion than from any other organization.

The strength of ROAR is in the local clubs. It is here that the weekly competition takes place allowing drivers to perfect their skills, and prepare themselves to compete at the State, Region, and National level. ROAR has 200 clubs in the US and Canada. These clubs pay only $35 per year to be sanctioned, and to be covered by the member accident and liability insurance.

Annual ROAR membership is $35 with an online rule book. For that modest sum, the member is insured at any ROAR sanctioned event, is entitled to vote for elected offices, and will receive a copy of the latest rule book. Currently, ROAR has over4500 members, including those who are immediate family members who pay only $15 for membership benefits and privileges.

If you are interested in model car racing, you should be a member of ROAR. Here you will find organized racing conducted under sensible rules, and be able to compete with other serious racers. We have members ranging in age from under 7 to over 70, and they all share one thing; the desire to be the best that they can be. ROAR does all it can to make that possible.

ROAR Events

June 14 - June 17, 2018
Lake City, FL
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July 19 - July 22, 2018
Omaha, NE
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August 16 - August 19, 2018
Chandler, AZ
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September 20 - September 23, 2018
Pompano Beach, FL

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