Carpet Onroad Nationals Announcements

February 20, 2017

With the February 26 registration deadline approaching quickly, the ROAR executive committee has a few announcements concerning the Carpet Onroad Nationals.

The ROAR executive committee has agreed to a rule deviation which will allow its members to compete in both 17.5 and modified touring car at the upcoming carpet onroad nationals in New Rochelle, NY.

This rule deviation only applies to this year's carpet nationals.

Also, without proper participation, two classes, F1 and the local Pro-10 235mm pancar class are in danger of being dropped from the event. This is something ROAR does not want to do, but must to ensure an efficient event.

Get signed up by February 26 to avoid a $20 late fee and fill all classes offered. Don't miss out on a great race with lots of traction at an awesome facility!

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